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    • Ash Dieback Disease

      14th Nov 2019
      What is Ash Dieback (ADB) Disease?            Ash dieback disease (ADB) refers to the deterioration and frequent  death of ash trees caused by the  fungus hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The fungus spreads via spores released from infected leaves which have fallen to the ground.  It was first identified in the ...Read More...

      Our Local Strategic Vision

      7th Apr 2019
      Click here to read a consultation draft of the Estate's vision for the future, written jointly with our charity partners Sustainable Sussex....Read More...

      Meadow Flowers in the Sompting Downs

      9th Jul 2018
      The Parish Meadow Project As part of the Sompting "Community in the Countryside" initiative, organized by the Parish Council and Sompting Estate, we held a 'Get to Know your Flowers and Butterflies' event on National Meadows Day (7th July) on top of the Sompting Downs. Serenaded by skylarks, we met at the wildflower meadow which ...Read More...

      'Bright future to be funded by new homes'

      5th Nov 2017
      Press Release Oct 2017:   ‘Bright future for Sompting’ to be funded by new homes  “A community farm, nature trail and community orchard, along with more accessible green space and playing fields, will be the beginning of a bright new future for Sompting village,” says Sompting Estate Trustee Mike Tristram.&nb...Read More...

      Sustainable Sussex in Sompting

      24th Aug 2017
      Keith Colin and Liane Webb have founded Sustainable Sussex to run projects which enhance community life, including meaningful connection to the land and growing.  Keith and Liane are moving their Sustainable Sussex base to Sompting, in partnership with Sompting Estate, starting with its Sussex Chilli Farm.  Already at the June 2017 Sompti...Read More...

      Ancient Flint Knapping Skills Still Alive and Well

      2nd Aug 2017
      Worthing Archaeological Society News - Sompting Downs Barn event: FLINT-KNAPPING STUDY DAY LED BY BOB TURNER - 17 JUNE 2017 30/7/2017                 Seventeen of us spent a fascinatin...Read More...

      A27 Worthing-Lancing Public Consultation Launched

      19th Jul 2017
      The Worthing-Lancing public consultation is taking place from 19 July 2017 to 12 September 2017. Click here for the Consultation Brochure Click here for more information and to participate in the online consultation   The Sompting A27 Rural Group (SARG), open to all who work, live in or just enjoy the Sompting Downs, is discussing the fol...Read More...

      Worthing-Lancing A27 Improvements

      16th Jul 2017
        The Worthing-Lancing public consultation will take place from 19 July 2017 to 12 September 2017. Click here for details. To all in the Sompting A27 Rural Group (SARG), and all who work, live in or just enjoy the Sompting Downs: We need to fix a meeting date which as many of us as possible can make, during the consultation. The sugges...Read More...

      Conservation coppice harvesting begins

      30th Jan 2016
      The 1987 storm blew down the old plantation of beech and larch in our woodland known as The Mountain (also called Titch Hill).  In 1989-91 we planted beech and ash standards.  But by 2003 the wood was overrun with sycamore seedlings, whose dense canopy and heavy leaf litter were lowering its value for ground flora and wildlife.&...Read More...

      Bushcraft Club in the Mountain

      10th Apr 2015
      Sompting residents Mark & Nicky Hedgecock - click here for contact details run a Bushcraft Club in the Mountain, a private conservation woodland on the Sompting Estate.  This is a great opportunity for children to learn about and enjoy the local countryside.  ...Read More...

      Sompting's Dragon in the Knucker Hole Pond

      13th Jan 2015
      In October 2014, Sompting Estate's Church Farm restored the Sompting Knucker Hole.  Possibly this was originally a sink hole but in any case it was later inhabited by these Sussex dragons. (Click here to read a Sussex Archaeological Society article by David Stavely on Dragons and Serpents in Sussex.) Like all knucker-holes along the ...Read More...

      Ponds in Sompting restored since the 1980s

      13th Jan 2015
      Lychpole Bottom Historic Dewpond Restored  Autumn 2014                                       Our sixth Sompting Estate dewpond restoration since the 1980s was successfull...Read More...


      31st May 2013
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