• Sompting Brooks Nature Trail


      One of the newest walks on the Sompting Estate is the Sompting Brooks Nature trail.  The trail goes through our farm fields and a wildflower meadow planted in 2020, then bends west along the stream bank till it arrives at a seating area where you can read about the archaeology and wildlife, or stand on the bridge and view the stream, the pond and rushy marsh-field. 

      As you walk there are fabulous views up to the downs, including Sompting Abbotts manor house and St Mary's church above which our first vineyard can be seen.  Alongside the nature trail are sculptures depicting the wildlife of the area and its folklore - the Sompting Knucker dragon.  You can find out about the sculptures on the artist Janine Creaye's website here

      You can get to the Sompting Brooks walk via the south end of Loose Lane, Sompting, but if you need to come by car, please respect the needs of neighbours and don't park too close.  Please keep dogs on leads, and take any litter with you.  There is information on notice boards from the OART River Rangers volunteers who help look after the trail and its wildlife habitats.  Above is a photo of the welcome board by artist Helen Cann, and here is her painted map of the walk:


      How we made the Sompting Brooks Nature Trail:

      The 'EPIC' Project

      "EPIC" was our project name and it stood for "Enhancing Places, Inspiring Communities".  



      The Sompting Brooks Walk was created as part of the joint 'EPIC' project between Sompting Estate and the Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust, funded by the Heritage Lottery and others in 2019-2021.  It has involved the community in bringing a new watercourse, walks and wildlife into Sompting's Church Farm, and it is managed by the Estate and the project's Volunteer River Rangers.  Together we have recreated and manage 1km of the Broadwater Brook across Sompting Brooks, with beautiful natural habitat for wildlife and walkers to enjoy.

      Teville Stream, which meets with the Broadwater Brook, was largely culverted since the Second World War. The Brook starts near West Street, Sompting and passed beneath GlaxoSmithKline in Southdown View Way, East Worthing, then through a culvert under the old landfill site at Decoy Farm.

      The stream has been re-routed away from contaminating sources to make a clean water environment.  A new nature trail has been opened up to make Broadwater Brook accessible to surrounding communities for the first time,  The natural habitat has also been improved by the inclusion of two ponds, 1,000 trees, and 2.5km of new hedgerow.  

      Events have raised awareness of water conservation, pollution and urban wildlife.  Activities involve practical conservation, photography, heritage investigations and educational programmes based on water quality and ecological surveying. Skill development workshops train volunteers who can help with the maintenance and management of the site into the future. 



      The funding was made possible by National Lottery players and awarded through the National Heritage Lottery Fund.  From 2022 onwards, Sompting Estate and the Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust continue to support the ongoing management of the project, with the hugely important help of local community volunteers.

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