• Sustainable Transport

      The Sompting Estate is committed to sustainable transport and supports the efforts of the South Coast Alliance for Transport and the EnvironmentTransport Action Network and similar organizations to bring about change; we also support the sustainable transport policies in the Sompting Neighbourhood Plan.   Transport developments over the last century had seemed to offer so much and yet, so much has also gone wrong, for example:

      • We spend too much of our lives isolated in cars, often single-occupancy, instead of doing the things that are productive and bring us happiness. 
      • Public transport remains seriously under-invested and inadequate, especially for our many young people who would prefer not to or cannot afford to drive, and our many older people who can no longer do so. 
      • Cycling and walking are much better for health, the economy and the climate, but are too often made unattractive by lack of investment in routes and by the dominance of cars in existing networks.
      • Major new roads are still severing important and even extraordinary wildlife habitats, and rural communities.
      • Unsustainable transport remains the biggest single driver of climate change; even wholesale conversion to electric cars will not be enough to change this, since electric cars' lifetime carbon footprint is still around two-thirds of that of conventional cars. 

      Click here for more information on

      1. Walking and off-road cycling opportunities in Sompting

      2. The Worthing-Lancing A27

      3.  Sompting A27 Rural Group (SARG)

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