• Sompting Estate Local Vision

      The Sompting Estate has a vision of a bright future for Sompting as 'a place where people and nature thrive'.  We have submitted this vision for inclusion in the Sompting Parish Neighbourhood Plan consultation process.  We hope to learn from what local residents think of our ideas, so please do let us know.

      Click here to read a consultation draft of this vision, written jointly with our charity partners Sustainable Sussex.

      Whole Estate Plan

      The 'Local Strategic Vision' document on the link above was produced to inform the Sompting Parish Neighbourhood Plan consultation process.  For this reason it does not cover those parts of the Estate which are outside the Parish, and nor does it cover the farming and conservation management.  Both of these will be included, however, in a Whole Estate Plan, which the Estate will be preparing for submission to the South Downs National Park Authority.  We expect the Whole Estate Plan to be in line with the Parish Neighbourhood Plan, and will be consulting the community separately as part of the Whole Estate Plan process.

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