• A27 Worthing-Lancing Public Consultation Launched

    • The Worthing-Lancing public consultation is taking place from 19 July 2017 to 12 September 2017.

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      The Sompting A27 Rural Group (SARG), open to all who work, live in or just enjoy the Sompting Downs, is discussing the following proposed key response points:

      The consultation proposals are not a glamorous expressway project but they are serious and pragmatic.  We share the disappointment of many that, for example, footbridges or underpasses have not been proposed to free the vehicular traffic from tailbacks caused by waiting for foot and cycle traffic at Grove Lodge and elsewhere.  However, by contrast with those who would have sought a high speed unremitting flow of through traffic, we welcome that the scheme as proposed should maintain viable access on and off the A27 from the National Park's side roads of Lambleys, Church and Dankton Lanes, at least in the intervals when the toucan crossings are in use.   

      1. To reduce the speed limit along the Sompting Bypass to a maximum of 50mph.
        Reasons:  The access into and out of rural areas north of the Sompting Bypass is vital both to local businesses and residents in this area, and those who need to visit them, and to the many from the wider community who love to visit this lovely landscape area in the National Park – and will want to do so in increasing number provided they can get in and out of it. If the Sompting Bypass remains a high speed wide dual carriageway section without calming, and there are no longer the present large gaps between waves of traffic leaving the traffic lights, then the waiting times to get out may become unacceptably long.  A reduced speed limit will:
        a. further reduce potential for bottlenecks at the junctions at each (40mph) end of the Bypass when the toucan crossings are in use
        b. make it safer to access the Sompting Bypass from its side roads or to cross it on foot as many cyclists and walkers do
        c. significantly reduce noise from the A27 both in Sompting village and in the National Park  
      2. To reduce rat-running through Sompting Village with measures such as 'access to village only' signage.
        Example of the issue:  SatNavs still send drivers through Sompting village via West Street / Dankton Lane / Church Lane as a cross-corner short cut south into Worthing, even when there are no tailbacks at the Lyons Farm junction; there is no signage to discourage this.  
      3. To provide improved opportunities for safely crossing the A27 Sompting Bypass on foot and by cycle or with horses.  For example a crossing bridge or underpass.
      4. To improve the cycling opportunity in both directions along the north side of the Sompting Bypass. 
        For example a broadened footpath and cycle lane, narrowing the A27 eastbound carriageway to be consistent with provision either side of the Sompting Bypass.

      If you would like to express your views on these aims, and their order of priority for you, or to suggest other aims, or to be added to our mailing list and participate in the planned meeting, please use the Contact page to tell the SARG coordinator via the Estate. 

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