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      The Sompting Estate is mostly within Adur District, with a small amount of land in Worthing Borough.  The October 2016 Adur District Local Plan submission can be read here.

      Sompting Estate has always been both farming based, and also concerned with developing the rural economy and contributing to community life.  We are proud of a succession of developments.  We have built many barns and houses over our 250 years in the Parish. Some examples of our projects between 1800 and the present are:

      • Lychpole Farmhouse, now listed, and its model farm buildings were built by the Estate in 1799-1801; recently restored. 
      • Sompting Abbotts the present house, now a school, was built by the Estate in the 1850s.
      • The Village Hall was built by the Estate in 1889 as reading and recreation rooms for the community
      • The Sompting Downs Barn was converted from a derelict open fronted cattle shed in 2009
      • Middle Yard Barn, on Lambleys Lane, our only surviving threshing barn, was rescued by being converted to workshop and offices for Nutshell Construction in 2012
      • Green energy: solar panels, insulation and air source heat pumps were installed at various of the farm houses in 2011-12. 
      • A new Silage Barn was built to meet the farm business's needs at Lychpole Farm in 2013
      • A new borehole was built on Lychpole Farm in 2014, to sustainably provide local water for the local livestock on the downs
      • A new Livestock Handling Barn was built at Lychpole Farm in 2015, on the site of the old Lychpole threshing barn which fell down in the 1987 Great Storm; restoring the character of an enclosed working farmyard to the setting of the remaining old buildings, and making it much safer and easier for farm staff to look after the sheep and cattle.
      • The Estate's grainstore on Lambleys Lane was renovated in 2016, enhancing its capacity, cleanliness and mechanical handling efficiency by providing bays with concrete side walls and floors accessed by roller doors.

      The present generation of the Estate family have made it a priority to bring the existing farmland, woodland, wildlife habitats and buildings of the Estate into favourable condition and management.  To sustain the Estate and its work into the future, we also need to be enterprising and economically active.  Our current thinking about possibilities for the future is outlined in the draft Estate Plan below. 

      We aspire to work with partners to create a Community Farm, a Community Orchard, to recommence local vegetable production, create new public access and landscape habitat features, a vineyard, holiday opportunities, and eventually a farm shop and visitor centre.  We will welcome comments and ideas about these via the Contact Us page.

      You can read more about the Estate and what we do for Sompting's countryside on our FarmingNature and History pages.  If we can continue to invest locally through developments such as these, we will be able to go on helping to keep Sompting's natural environment and rural economy in good heart - perhaps even for another 250 years.

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